Saturday, September 9, 2017

Airtel's excellent customer service don't worry (not sponsored)

Airtel India's excellent customer service!
It started when I was worried about not receiving SMS messages from a two-factor website authentication login page.
I called Airtel 121 and after struggling through the IVR navigation options finally, I got through to the option to talk to a customer service executive.
The IVR system prompted me with the message "this call may be recorded...." I was a bit more worried about the quality of my interactions with the customer service executive. I had decided to communicate well.
The conversation with the customer support executive went on something like this,
The Airtel guy listened to my complaint, put me on hold and came back after a minute and said,
Airtel: "Mr. Kannan, DON'T WORRY, I have taken a complaint and the issue will be resolved" with an emphasis on the 'DON'T WORRY'
Me: "I'm still not receiving messages and I'm obviously WORRIED about that, how can you ask me not to worry about this, why I'm not receiving those messages?"
Airtel: "Mr. Kannan, there is some technical issue and I've raised a complaint, DON'T WORRY about it"
Me: "C'mon, How can you ask me not to WORRY when the problem is still not resolved? I'll continue to WORRY until the time I start receiving the messages" I decided to be adamant about worrying about it
Airtel: "DON'T WORRY Mr. Kannan, your problem will be rectified in 24 hrs"
Me: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... not again! what is the real problem? has it anything to do with the DND service that I activated...." I was further worried if I did something wrong
at this time he promptly responded and said the DND services had nothing to do with the problem that I was facing.
Airtel: "You will get a confirmation within 3 working days...
Me: grrrrrrrrrrr..... "you just said 24 hrs...."
Airtel: "DON'T WORR....."
Me: I hurriedly and worriedly interrupted him off and said "Thank you so muchand I cut the call...
then started seriously WORRYING about how I managed to screw up my Sunday evening.
After few minutes, I finally received a text message from Airtel which said "...... our network team will work on the issue and update you within 4 days" further adding to my WORRIES
God Save Airtel India and its not yet so worried customers!
Am I just alone and special who received this fantastic treatment?
Are you not on Airtel? are you not WORRIED about it?

Don't worry! leave your comments ;)
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