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How Beijing Bites can possibly cheat Zomato and the customers

You have decided to order food through a famous food delivery chain app.   You chose a popular Chinese restaurant chain which has a decent customer rating.   You are now looking forward to the food to arrive and to having a great family time.
What can possibly go wrong?  
Here is my family's horrific experience of finding a cockroach in the food followed by the discovery of how customers are cheated by a restaurent to make some quick money.
1.  Yesterday, I placed an order (cash on delivery) on the website, to deliver food from Beijing Bites in Yelahanka. status said the order was sent to the restaurent

2.  Received 2 SMS messages from Zomato, 1 for sending the order to the restaurant, 2nd for the restaurant confirming the order 

3.  Even after 20 mins the status at the website did not change
4.  Interestingly, after some time, the Delivery boy arrived at the doorstep, he delivered the food and asked for the payment.  He also insisted that we pay the delivery…