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My Bloody Wishes!!!

09-Jul-2010, Pune, IndiaYesterday was another great day in my life.  I had an opportunity to donate 350ml of my blood and this was my 3rd time.  O+ (Hopeless?) is my group but remember, someone is 'hopeful' about someone like me donating blood.My memory trickles back to 3 years when I decided to donate blood for the first time.  I was both excited and nervous.  Excited, because I felt good with the very basic thought of donating blood.  I was thinking myself as a Hero; someone's life is going to be saved; someones operation is going to be successful; someone could open eyes; someone could start walking again; some family is going to be happy again; many things.  Nervous, because I was donating blood for the first time. Will I be fine after that?, Will I be able to walk, talk?  What about the so called giddiness? Will I faint?  When will I get back the lost 350ml?, What should I eat or do to replenish? Will I be able to workout after that? Will someone else expec…