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Let’s not just talk! Let’s talk and act!

“Dedicating this article to all lovely parents”
...the disturbing news
“23-year-old Bengaluru boy who leapt to his death from a Mumbai five-star hotel was depressed possibly over exam failure…. his father, a Bengaluru businessman, said he found his son disturbed and depressed when he met him sometimes back”
This situation is possibly due to the pressure of education and performance.  Who created this?

“Reality TV star swallows sleeping pills live on Facebook.  He had posted in a live video on Facebook late on Tuesday night, saying he is depressed with life and will not be available to anyone henceforth as friends and others were torturing him”
There were suspected issues with friendship.  This man appeared to have worried about his self-esteem.  Who was responsible for this situation?

Two different individuals, two different walks of lives, two different locations, were connected by one problem.  Frustrated about living and ultimately going through depression lead them to take extreme step…

How can you stretch and be happy?

Yesterday, a KaysFIT Academy member shared a reference to an online book "Stretching Anatomy" I remembered reading this book a few years back and it was good to be reminded of this "everyday important" subject once again. flexibility ˌflɛksɪˈbɪlɪti/ noun the quality of bending easily without breaking."players gained improved flexibility in their ankles"synonyms:pliability, suppleness, pliancy, malleability, mouldability, stretchability, workability, limberness, ductility, plasticity; Morethe ability to be easily modified. "I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule"willingness to change or compromise. "the government has shown flexibility in applying its policy"Source: Google word search Why stretch? When we continuously stretch our muscles, we increase the length (elasticity) of the muscle and increase the flexibility, ultimately improving the flexibility and range of motion. Chronic injuries are common when the body goes out of balance (ri…