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Clean India can come with Clean Habits

I had shared my my views, emotions and questions regarding how India can afford (the huge cost) and sustain (the capability to hold this initiative forever) in my blog "Swatchh Bharat mission - can India afford and sustain?"  followed by a little deeper insights in discussing India's problems associated with the 'dirty image' through "Dirty India-root cause analysis-potential solution"
I have no room for two mistakes (there are many more) when I'm in the company of my children.  Firstly, jumping a traffic signal and secondly, throwing a piece of paper even accidentally in a public place.   They catch me on the spot!!!  Why is that?  its because as parents my wife and I have taught them that these actions are "Red" and never to be done.  They strongly believe this and it was possible due to the constant reinforcement from us.

By 2020, India is set to become the "youngest country in the world" - the median individual in India will be…

Dirty India-root cause analysis-potential solution

The Swatchch Bharat Abhiyan initiative flagged off by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has created a new wave of energy in the minds of the Indian Citizen.  In my earlier blog post Swatchh Bharat mission - can India afford and sustain? I had touched upon whether India can really afford and sustain such an expensive initiative.  For the solutions discovered for every single problem to sustain what we require a comprehensive fix and not band-aids. I have tried to apply the famous 5 why technique of problem solving to understand the potential causes and to get to the root of the problem.(first) Why Swatchch Bharat? because the country is dirty(second) Why the country is dirty? because there is garbage everywhere, people defecate in open(third) Why garbage everywhere? Why do people defecate in public? because the city is not cleaned, there is no scientific ways to dispose tons and tons of garbage, poor urban planning, over crowding...corruption, dysfunctional public access…

Swatchh Bharat mission - can India afford and sustain?

Why do we need to take all the efforts in cleaning the country when we can all avoid building piles and piles of garbage in our neighborhood.  Its like every single drop of water make a huge ocean...every single piece of paper, plastic, filth can count to a big pile of garbage.

I've visited various cities in the most modern and clean countries like Singapore, Switzerland, Germany etc., even there, people do throw soft drink cans, tissue papers, cigarette buds and used napkins in bus stops and food courts.  Interestingly, Singapore is one of the cleanest and I believe its because its cleaned every hour, every day and every week.  It can even afford washing the streets and apartment complexes - the government has policies, will power and money - people also are scared of being caught and the severe punishments imposed.

Can India afford this?
I'd like to share what I have learnt about the Swatchh Bharat Mission so far.
Firstly, What is Swatchh? - its written asस्वच्छin Hindiwhich has…

My emotions - Swatchch Bharat

Today my wife and children joined 40 other like minded adults and little ones to clean the dirty streets and the village surroundings at Nagenahalli-Harohalli in Yelahanka, Bangalore, India - where our most modern apartment complex Sobha Althea-Azalea is located.  Even though it was a fulfilling experience the whole experience marked a deep ambivalence in me of being happy and sad at the same time.

Why was I happy?
It was a special day for India due to the birthday of our own Father of the Nation who always promoted cleanliness - equated cleanliness to godliness.  He was a great role model for the entire world and always led by example.  He went about cleaning toilets on those days and building a deeper awareness among across the society.I was able to play a very small role in the vision set by our prime minister Mr. Modi to see a cleaner India through the "Swatchh Bharat Mission".  Mr. Modi is a passionate leader and I salute him for the courage in picking this dirty topic an…

Is running making me a better employee?

I recently read a blog written by Oliver on why runners usually make great employees.  I totally enjoyed reading it and thanks to Oliver for reflecting what I truly believe in - link here....

I started running since 2011 and never stopped after that.  I've run over 5000 kms so far and ever since I started running, many positive things have happened in my life.  

What did running do to me and to my life? 

Did it change anything to my work life?

1. a disciplined person… plan, practice (train harder), execute –my races, learning, projects

2. camaraderie, appreciation for people and their work and not to compare with others which is totally meaningless.  If there is one, its only within me vs. what I was a month, a year or even a decade before –  greater appreciation for my fellow runners and their capabilities, however week or strong they are vs. appreciation towards my colleagues. I cheer for others when I run and I cheer my fellow colleagues

3. how to achieve something in my personal and…