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88000 crores Bullet Train project - OK, 88 rupees safety vest - NOT OK

Indian railways can afford an 88000 crores Bullet Train project but not an 88 rupees safety vest

At 4.45 am in the morning while mentally planning for a client appointment I drove my car out of my apartment. Within few minutes, I was about to get past the railway gate located very close to my home in Yelahanka. Yelahanka is in the North of Bangalore and is located in a very busy passenger and freight train corridor. Many trains arrive into Yelahanka/Bangalore city early in the morning and there are more chances to find the railway gate closed at that early hours.

Luckily, the gate was open. The weather meter in my car dashboard indicated 16 deg Celsius and the early morning silence was slowly broken by my car stereo with a devotional song.  I was slowly approaching the railway cross.

All of sudden, I noticed a ghostly image of a woman wearing a red scarf, with torchlight in her hand and slowly walking towards the middle of the road along the railway track. I was further amused to find …

Go! Secure your mask on first!

Carefree-childhood & stressful-adulthood

How often do you dream about your favorite vacation spot?

When was the last time you envied your 'carefree' days as a child you used to lead?

Every day is not the same for adults. Sadly, most days have become stressful for most of us. Work, travel, family pressures, financial commitments; there are many of us busily chasing our dreams (or the dreams belonging to our bosses). On top of it, the digital addiction is haunting our lives by eating major chunks of the golden 24-hour pie each one is given to consume. For some, the time lost is in few minutes but for others, it's many hours. Should more work and stressful days relate to more money saved in the bank? Have you ever thought about the specialists, doctors, and hospitals who have reserved a bed for you to come and spend rest of your lives fighting 'something'?

What gets compromised most often?

Everyone sets aside time for fitness hoping to stay fit or indulge in a…

How Beijing Bites can possibly cheat Zomato and the customers

You have decided to order food through a famous food delivery chain app.   You chose a popular Chinese restaurant chain which has a decent customer rating.   You are now looking forward to the food to arrive and to having a great family time.
What can possibly go wrong?  
Here is my family's horrific experience of finding a cockroach in the food followed by the discovery of how customers are cheated by a restaurent to make some quick money.
1.  Yesterday, I placed an order (cash on delivery) on the website, to deliver food from Beijing Bites in Yelahanka. status said the order was sent to the restaurent

2.  Received 2 SMS messages from Zomato, 1 for sending the order to the restaurant, 2nd for the restaurant confirming the order 

3.  Even after 20 mins the status at the website did not change
4.  Interestingly, after some time, the Delivery boy arrived at the doorstep, he delivered the food and asked for the payment.  He also insisted that we pay the delivery…