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'Attitude', lessons from the street

I'm a faithful believer of learning something from every single human being. I make a genuine attempt to keep the good ones with me, but the bad ones, recognized, sorted and discarded at once. I traveled back in time while reading Why attitude is more important than IQ?First experience - fruit vendor I pulled my car closer to a roadside vendor selling fruits on a cart which had fresh apples and luscious yellow bananas.  I just realized how weak I became by the very look of healthy fruits. I stepped out of my car and approached the cart.  I found a little boy, must be around 8 years, sitting on top of the cart along with the pile of fruits.  He actually appeared to be another apple there.  I looked around to see if he was accompanied by his father, mother or someone bigger than an the largest apple.  To my surprise there was no one other than the little boy anywhere closer to the cart.  I was happy to find his school bag with some books next to him. A middle aged man pulled his …

The 9 best things I learnt from fixing a leaking sink

I've been part of the services industry for over 15 years now, playing different roles from being a trainer, consultant, project manager, architect, directly and indirectly managing projects, and also providing services to internal and external customers.  I'm often intrigued by several factors that potentially affect the customer satisfaction or even dissatisfaction.  In my experience I have failed and also succeeded to provide the 'Wow' factor.  I find this to be a never ending learning process.

In a recent experience of being a 'customer' myself for a home improvement project, I had the unique opportunity to understand see the different 'point of view'.   Obviously there were loads of learning and opportunities to reflect several aspects of this project, the men who provided the service and finally how it affected me as a customer.

The problem

My wife was extremely unhappy with the way our home kitchen sink was installed by the interior designer befo…