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Help Kiran Today

Dear Friends, well-wishers, special greetings to all #spbm2016 event organizers, sponsors and the special community for which all marathons events are made for – the Runners. Yesterday was certainly a very special day for the Bengaluru City since it witnessed one of the largest marathon events, the Bengaluru Marathon or simply #SPBM206. I too participated in the Full Marathon category as part of my 16th week running campaign #424242runningto raise the awareness on the importance of first-aid & CPR training, and Road Safety. This event was a considered to be a grand success while attracting 15,000 enthusiastic participants from Namma City Bangaluru and also from various other cities. The organizers and the sponsors have really spent night and day in executing a massive event like this. It was amazing to witness the spirit of running, the sheer number of growing running community with their supporters buzzing on the streets of the usually busy Bengaluru Streets. Many first timers h…