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I don't like to be an Adult

It was an evening of a long and tiring day.  I was sipping some hot coffee and watching a debate all about the Ayodhya issue in a news channel.  There were lots of Indian wise men discussing about the upcoming high courts verdict and its repercussions.

All of us at our home like to pick a spot right in front of our Television (see this is one thing that I'd never shared with anyone) Everyone does a variety of tricks to get that place, my Dad and Anjali included.  No one can step out even for a minute.  You will soon find someone happily occupying that spot and smiling.  Its just an exception that the children (a sport started by my son Aditya and faithfully followed by my daughter Anjali too) would always sit on my shoulder if they find me sitting in the favorite spot.  All of us enjoy doing this.

Anyways, you could now imagine what would have happened when Aditya came and joined me to watch the news.  Seeing me in the favorite spot, he decided t…