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Organ Donation

I have found and read some information regarding organ donation India (

Thinking of this, I am very much challenged about how to go about it.  Moreover, how to make sure, if I decide to donate, my organs are donated after my death. This is really an emotional topic to seek more insights into.  In Tamil there is a saying "Yaanai Irundalum Thangam Irandhalum Thangam" which roughly translates to "An elephant is equivalent to Gold whether its alive or dead" due to its usefulness when its alive and preciousness (of its tusks, bones and other organs) when its dead.   This saying is true even for humans.  Even we, surprisingly, can be useful (again by choice) when we are alive and precious (again by choice) after our death.
All our organs are either buried or burnt but otherwise can save life or provide a 2nd life for someone who truly deserves living.
Please join me in thinking about this today!

Meeting planning using Microsoft Outlook

I'm a great fan of Microsoft products and Microsoft Outlook is one of my 'can't live without' tool for now.  I use it for email communication, keep track of all my tasks, view meetings and plan my daily activities through the calendar function.  Its a great tool if you are practicing Time Management.  I have come across several ways of planning and organizing meetings and there is 'NO' single source that gave me a comfortable view on how to most effectively plan and handle Outlook meetings.   The product is so vast and sometimes it is really overwhelming for the beginners.  Please be aware that this blog does not cover all the aspects of Outlook and I've compiled how I manage meetings through it.  
This post, a combination of some of the best ways to use Outlook and few tips on the Invitation etiquette's,  is intended for the basic users or beginners of Microsoft Outlook to help effectively plan meetings.  There are no detailed description given since …

Professional Blunders

I decided to share few blunders that I've done in my professional life.  Its not that I have suddenly decided to appear so stupid in front of everyone.  I feel its very important that I share my experiences with an intention to help you to be cautious about them in the first place.  The list is certainly long but here are few stand at the top of the list.

Emotional email

I made an important observation when I visited an overseas office in my company.  I also sent an email to my immediate supervisor to appraise the situation.  I wrote about what I saw and my own interpretations, along with few lines of my frustrations about how trust was broken by one of my business counterparts.  For over 5 months, I spent a lot of quality time in building relationship, delivered more than what was promised, built confidence and re-established a very smooth relationship with that account team.  I suddenly felt betrayed.  On the same day, I confronted the person to learn more about the situation but…