Organ Donation

I have found and read some information regarding organ donation India (

Thinking of this, I am very much challenged about how to go about it.  Moreover, how to make sure, if I decide to donate, my organs are donated after my death. This is really an emotional topic to seek more insights into.  In Tamil there is a saying "Yaanai Irundalum Thangam Irandhalum Thangam" which roughly translates to "An elephant is equivalent to Gold whether its alive or dead" due to its usefulness when its alive and preciousness (of its tusks, bones and other organs) when its dead.   This saying is true even for humans.  Even we, surprisingly, can be useful (again by choice) when we are alive and precious (again by choice) after our death.

All our organs are either buried or burnt but otherwise can save life or provide a 2nd life for someone who truly deserves living.

Please join me in thinking about this today!

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