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Help Kiran Today

Dear Friends, well-wishers, special greetings to all #spbm2016 event organizers, sponsors and the special community for which all marathons events are made for – the Runners. Yesterday was certainly a very special day for the Bengaluru City since it witnessed one of the largest marathon events, the Bengaluru Marathon or simply #SPBM206. I too participated in the Full Marathon category as part of my 16th week running campaign #424242runningto raise the awareness on the importance of first-aid & CPR training, and Road Safety. This event was a considered to be a grand success while attracting 15,000 enthusiastic participants from Namma City Bangaluru and also from various other cities. The organizers and the sponsors have really spent night and day in executing a massive event like this. It was amazing to witness the spirit of running, the sheer number of growing running community with their supporters buzzing on the streets of the usually busy Bengaluru Streets. Many first timers h…

6 things to change in Indian Railways and an unforgettable story from my journey

10-Sep-2016 train number 17604 Kachiguda Express, I was on my way to Hyderabad from Bangalore.
It was around 11.15 pm, I woke up from my already disturbed sleep for two reasons.  Firstly, the roof lights were on. Secondly, amidst the quite A/C sleeper coach humming noise and the constant titak-titak-titak-titak's from the running train, I heard someone coughing continuously.  When I opened my eyes, from my lower berth seat, I saw a lady in Burqa with a man sitting next to her in the side berth on the other side of the aisle.  The man sat with a kerchief in his mouth was slowly coughing and the women appeared to be consoling him.
I got up and requested that lady to turn off the lights.  The lady responded to me in Hindi and said "my husband has been vomiting blood and he is unwell…. I don't know what to do now"
Hearing this, I was thrown off from my sleep completely and I felt a sense of uneasiness.  I got down to assess the situation and see if there was someway I could…

What an eventful evening it was

Meera (my wife) and I bought a new cycle, a gift for our daughter turning 9 today and both returning back home from Yelahanka new town. It was around 8.25 pm and I was driving the car.  I noticed someone lying flat on the footpath near the Kendriya Vidya (KV) school on the Doddaballapur road. For a flash of a moment, I thought he was drunk and fallen down but within another wink, I also saw a bike lying next to him. ACCIDENT!! 
It was bit dark and the street light was very dim on that spot.  That stretch of road didn't have anyone other than us. I pulled over the car, asked Meera to follow me and started sprinting towards the victim. I wanted to save him.

When I reached, I saw the man with bloodied face and a huge bump (swelling of a tennis ball size) on his forehead above his left eye. His eyes were partially closed. There was blood all over his face. My mind was rushing for a solution and I wanted to first assess the situation. He was not drunk. There was no bleeding. I started ta…

How the life of little ones are taken for granted

Yesterday, I went to have breakfast in a popular fast food joint located near Bashyam circle, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore. A small boy, neatly dressed, who was about 9-10 years was cleaning the table. At that moment I thought this kid belonged to a customer and was just playing. It took some time for me to realize that he was working there as a janitor. I did not like what I saw.

He was meticulously collecting the left over steel plates, taking at most care picking the Coffee and Tea glasses. Without any formal training on cleanliness, he was cleaning the stainless steel tables as if they belonged to him. The entire fast food joint was buzzing with people and he appeared to be the only one to run around to keep the place spic and span. The men in the kitchen were busy and the cashier (owner?) was found to be unaware that he was actually killing a child’s future.

I was concerned about this and wanted to have a chat with the boy to find out if he was really underage. He shared his nam…

Why 'no good' is so good?

I would like to share my real life experience that taught me the importance of excellence!  Here we go! from being no good to becoming so good in just 5 steps.
It was in a meeting room inside a large automotive giant's IT organisation, somewhere in Japan.  I was representing a data migration software development team as an IT manager (also played a technical leadership role) for the first time.  The software was intended to migrate large volume of data between two enterprise systems.  I was about to present the software performance characteristics report for the first time and was already nervous under the quiet air conditioner in the land of the rising sun.  The IT manager from the customer responsible for the project, few of my team members (all English speaking), a very experienced Japanese-English interpreter and myself were present in the room. Follow the link here to read the rest of the article...