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How many scissors are you holding in your hands right now?

Early in a morning, I was walking through a large house with several rooms, one leading to the other. There are various random things lying on the floor. Paper clips, tooth brush, electronic gadgets, flowers, dry leafs, pencils and scissors. All the rooms are cluttered with similar things. While walking, the only thing that pulls my attention are the pair of scissors. They appear in different sizes and shapes; a variety of them; could be a really attractive collectible. I decide to pick all of them. Bending down over and over I pick up several pairs...; carefully filling my pockets, grabbing them in my hands; in between my fingers; also holding the largest one that is used for trimming plants in between my right hand and chest. After a while, I'm passing through a long corridor and at the end I see a large door which appears to be an exit. I decide to go through it. After going closer to the door I find it to be locked. I don't find a door handle or even a bell to ring. Since…