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5 reasons on why you should be scared of Indian highway accidents

On Monday the 26-Jun-2017, we were approaching an intersection on the 6 lane highway in my Honda and noticed a small crowd gathered near the median. There were few (mostly) men and women, about 10 of them, some were holding the median railing.  I noticed that they were looking at an old woman lying motionlessly on the road.   It appeared to be an accident.  With a slight shock and shiver, my body suddenly started reacting to that situation.  I was getting ready to stop my car at a safe place and preparing myself to respond.  I was getting impatient.
My wife and I went to Chennai to deliver a 2 days weekend workshop for runners and we were returning back home. We chose to drive down this time to Chennai and we left at 8.30 am and were on our way back to Bangalore.  The ride until that moment was filled with plenty of conversations between us. We spoke about our passionate journey with our fitness academy since December 2016, and also how the past 2 days had probably passed flawlessly e…