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Is running making me a better employee?

I recently read a blog written by Oliver on why runners usually make great employees.  I totally enjoyed reading it and thanks to Oliver for reflecting what I truly believe in - link here....

I started running since 2011 and never stopped after that.  I've run over 5000 kms so far and ever since I started running, many positive things have happened in my life.  

What did running do to me and to my life? 

Did it change anything to my work life?

1. a disciplined person… plan, practice (train harder), execute –my races, learning, projects

2. camaraderie, appreciation for people and their work and not to compare with others which is totally meaningless.  If there is one, its only within me vs. what I was a month, a year or even a decade before –  greater appreciation for my fellow runners and their capabilities, however week or strong they are vs. appreciation towards my colleagues. I cheer for others when I run and I cheer my fellow colleagues

3. how to achieve something in my personal and…